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Conversations with Peter Eisenman: The Evolution of Architectural Style

Conversations with Peter Eisenman: The Evolution of Architectural Style
Beskrivelse: Peter EisenmanÆs architecture carries many layers and meanings; one question leads to the next and one conversation provokes another. Vladimir Belogolovsky''s new book highlights three separate conversations he had with the architect at his New York City studio in October 2003, June 2009, and February 2016. These conversations are part of the author''s ongoing interview project he initiated in 2002, discussing architecture with over 100 leading international architects. American Architect Peter Eisenman (born 1932) is considered one of the ''New York Five'', known for his writing and speaking about architecture as well as his designs, which have been called high modernist or deconstructive.
Forfatter: Vladimir Belogolovsky
Forlag: DOM Publishers
ISBN: 9783869225319
Dimensioner: 23 x 21 cm
Sprog: UK
Type: Softcover
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DKK 269,00


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