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Making it Modern: The History of Modernism in Architecture of Design

Making it Modern: The History of Modernism in Architecture of Design
Beskrivelse: At its root, modernism is that fundamental. It is a question of having something to represent that is of the moment. In the most radical interpretation, modernism always comes too late. The modern is that which is always new, which is to say, always changing and already old by the time it has appeared. Modernism is always a retrospective act, one of documenting or trying to catch what has already appeared - an attempt to fix life as it is being lived. Modernity is just the very fact that we as human beings are continually remaking the world around us through our actions, and are doing so consciously. Modernism is a monument to or memory of that act, which in its own making tries to remake the world it is pretending to represent.
Forfatter: Aaron Betsky
Forlag: Actar
ISBN: 9781940291154
Dimensioner: 23 x 16 cm
Sprog: UK
Type: Softcover
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DKK 289,00


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Forfatter: Perry Kulper, Nat Chard

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