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Mediatecture - The Design of Medially Augmented Spaces

Mediatecture - The Design of Medially Augmented Spaces
Beskrivelse: Every era creates its own style having a strong impact on architecture and space. Through the growing importance of electronic media and the services provided by the internet, the delimitation between physical and virtual spaces is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Christoph Kronhagel, a worldwide renowned specialist for media facades and technology, gives these phenomena the collective name ''mediatecture'', a compound of the words ''media'' and ''architecture''. His book approaches the new phenomenon methodologically, in form of elements providing basic knowledge on mediatectonic work, in particular for media facades.
Forfatter: Christoph Kronhagel
Forlag: Springer
ISBN: 9783709102992
Dimensioner: 25 x 17 cm
Sprog: UK
Type: Hardcover
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Opdateret d. 23. September 2017