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Art of Another City / Kunst einer anderen Stadt

Art of Another City / Kunst einer anderen Stadt
Beskrivelse: Artists increasingly address the issues of legacies of previous planning, neo-liberal development processes, and spectacular new designs as well as the plurality, globalisation and virtuality of our cities in their work. They initiate artistic processes in urban space and allow realms of experience, which interrupt everyday life and open up gridlocked horizons of expectation, to emerge. This volume documents the art and exhibition projects, which are exemplary of that, realised by the Academy of Another City as an artistic platform of the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg 2009 and 2010. It furthermore discusses topics such as development and expectations of public space, freedom, responsibility, urban development, gentrification and cultural education from the perspectives of art and urban planning, cultural science, philosophy, and pedagogy.
Forfatter: Ute Vorkoeper, Andrea Knobloch
Forlag: Jovis
ISBN: 9783868591194
Dimensioner: 29 x 22 cm
Sprog: UK/DE
Type: Hardcover
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Opdateret d. 19. November 2017