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Tamaviaartumik (Passion) Gardens in Greenland

Tamaviaartumik (Passion) Gardens in Greenland
Beskrivelse: In his book, ''Tamaviaartumik'' Finn Larsen captures the luscious green gardens of Greenland, a culture seldom documented, through his photographs. Despite the fact, that the large, cold island which both on the map, and in most people''s perception, is white and primarily consists of snow, icebergs, polar bears and Eskimos, Finn Larsen manages to bring out the true color of the island. Photographs of the Greenlandic gardeners - their gardens in full blossom - proudly showing off their crops, make the name Greenland appear a lot more sensible, and what is more important - it offers a much needed counterbalance to the stereotypical image of Greenland. The book have have been numbered and signed by the artist. Limited edition.
Forfatter: Finn Larsen
Forlag: Finn Larsen
ISBN: 9197647918
Dimensioner: 17 x 18 cm
Sprog: UK
Type: Hardcover
Lagerstatus: Lager: Lager

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Opdateret d. 23. September 2017