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Ny Agenda 2 / New Agenda 2: Dansk landskabsarkitektur 2009-13

Ny Agenda 2 / New Agenda 2: Dansk landskabsarkitektur 2009-13
Beskrivelse: New Agenda 2 showcases the best Danish landscape architecture projects from the period 2009-2013 û as a natural follow-up to New Agenda from 2009, which covered the previous five years. The financial crisis that struck with its full force at the beginning of the period does not seem to have affected the number, size and quality of the projects. Landscape architecture counts among the cheapest building and construction services and has not been noticeably affected by the crisis. However, since the first book the agenda has changed, triggered by unprecedented rainfall, flood disasters and a growing obesity epidemic. Climate adaptation is now high on the agenda, precisely because the landscape architect here can combine functionality û in the form of drainage, for instance, which is much cheaper than sewerage û with beauty and nature, or, as has happened in Lemvig, with a high-water barrier that forms a structuring, beautifying and practical part of the harbour environment. Hence, many urban,
Forfatter: Annemarie Lund
Forlag: Bogværket
ISBN: 9788792420282
Dimensioner: 29 x 22 cm
Sprog: DK/UK
Type: Softcover
Lagerstatus: Lager: Lager

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Opdateret d. 11. December 2017