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Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes

Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes
Beskrivelse: The recycling of post-industrial landscapes has been a topic of great interest both in landscape and urban design in the past 20 years. This book is a history, a design theory and a survey of seminal schemes all in one. It analyzes all ground-breaking European projects such as Peter Latz'' Duisburg Nord, Parque del Clot in Barcelona or Parc aux Angeliques in Bordeaux and looks at the transformation of the urban landscape in the long run.
Forfatter: Ellen Braae
Forlag: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 9783035603460
Dimensioner: 28 x 23 cm
Sprog: UK
Type: Hardcover
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager: Ikke på lager

DKK 669,00


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